Java Conferences 2019

All the information here has been compiled correctly to the best of my knowledge. If you notice that something is wrong or that I’ve left out a conference or conference date that’s been published in the meantime, please email me! As I keep adding Java conferences to this list – you may want to check this list again at a later time!

Conference NameLocationFromToMore Information
DawsConMontreal, Canada11. January 201911. January 2019More
LavaOne UnconferenceHawaii, USA14. January 201916. January 2019More
Oracle OpenWorld EuropeLondon, United Kingdom16. January 201917. January 2019More
OOP MunichMunich, Germany21. January 201925. January 2019More
JSpirit UnconferenceHausham, Germany25. January 201927. January 2019More
NDC LondonLondon, United Kingdom28. January 201901. February 2019More
DDD EuropeAmsterdam, Netherlands30. January 201901. February 2019More
JFokusStockholm, Sweden04. February 201906. February 2019More
Oracle OpenWorld Middle EastDubai, United Arab Emirates11. February 201912. February 2019More
QCon London 2019London, United Kingdom04. March 201908. March 2019More
DevNexus AtlantaAtlanta, USA06. March 201908. March 2019More
BoosterconfBergen, Norway13. March 201915. March 2019More
Oracle Code BengaluruBengaluru, India15. March 201915. March 2019More
Riviera Dev Sophia AntipolisValbonne, France15. March 201917. March 2019More
Java Day IstanbulIstanbul, Turkey16. March 201916. March 2019More
Voxxed Days ZürichZürich, Switzerland19. March 201919. March 2019More
JavaLandBrühl, Germany19. March 201921. March 2019More
Voxxed Days BucharestBucharest, Romania20. March 201922. March 2019More
CodeMotion RomeRome, Italy22. March 201923. March 2019More
Oracle OpenWorld AsiaSingapore26. March 201927. March 2019More
CodeMotion AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands02. April 201903. April 2019More
Oracle Code RomeRome, Italy04. April 201904. April 2019More
JPoint MoscowMoscow, Rusia05. April 201906. April 2019More
Oracle Code BerlinBerlin, Germany09. April 201909. April 2019More
ACCU ConferenceBristol, United Kingdom10. April 201913. April 2019More
Voxxed Days MilanoMilano, Italy13. April 201913. April 2019More
Devvox FranceParis, France17. April 201919. April 2019More
GIDS BangaloreBangalore, India22. April 201926. April 2019More
TDC FlorianópolisFlorianópolis, Brazil23. April 201927. April 2019More
QCon BeijingBeijing, China25. April 201927. April 2019More
ES~Conference 2019Mexico City26. April 201926. April 2019More
The Lead Developer New YorkNew York, USA30. April 201930. April 2019More
VoxxedCERNCern Switzerland01. May 201901. May 2019More
QCon São PauloSão Paulo, Brazil06. May 201908. May 2019More
JAX MainzMainz, Germany06. May 201910. May 2019More
CraftConf BudapestBudapest, Hungary07. May 201910. May 2019More
Devvoxx United KingdomLondon, United Kingdom08. May 201910. May 2019More
Voxxed Days MelbourneMelbourne, Australia13. May 201914. May 2019More
TEQnationUtrecht, Netherlands15. May 201915. May 2019More
GeeCon KrakowKrakow, Poland15. May 201917. May 2019More
Rivera DevSophia Antipolis, France15. May 201917. May 2019More
J on the BeachMalaga, Spain15. May 201917. May 2019More
Dev Talks Cluj NapocaCluj Napoca, Romania16. May 201916. May 2019More
Voxxed Days SydneySydney, Australia16. May 201917. May 2019More
Spring I/OBarcelona, Spain16. May 201917. May 2019More
JJUG Cross Community ConferenceTokyo, Japan18. May 201918. May 2019 
Oracle Code New YorkNew York, USA21. May 201921. May 2019More
DevDays VilniusVilnius, Lithuania21. May 201923. May 2019More
JAlbaEdingbourg, Great Britain23. May 201925. May 2019More
Voxxed Days MinskMinsk, Belarus23. May 201925. May 2019More
JBCN ConferenceBarcelona, Spain27. May 201929. May 2019More
JPrime SofiaSofia, Bulgaria28. May 201929. May 2019More
NLJUG J-SpringUtrecht, Netherlands29. May 201929. May 2019More
Riga Dev DaysRiga, Latvia30. May 201931. May 2019More
ITAKE UnconferenceBucharest, Romania30. May 201931. May 2019More
Voxxed Days SingaporeSingapore30. May 201931. May 2019More
JFX Days GermanyDortmund, Germany03. June 201905. June 2019More
JNationCoimbra, Portugal04. June 201904. June 2019More
Dev Talks BucharestBucharest, Romania06. June 201907. June 2019More
Voxxed Days AthensAthens, Greece07. June 20198. June 2019More
The Lead Developer LondonLondon, United Kingdom11. June 201912. June 2019More
GOTO AmsterdamAmsterdam, Netherlands11. June 201914. June 2019More
Voxxed Days LuxembourgLuxembourg20. June 201921. June 2019More
QCon New York 2019New York, USA24. June 201926. June 2019More
DWX Developer WeekNürnberg, Germany24. June 201927. June 2019More
Devvoxx KrakowKrakow, Poland24. June 201927. June 2019More
JConf DominicanaSantiago de los Caballeros, Dominican Republic29. June 201929. June 2019More
JManc UnconferenceManchester, United Kingdom29. June 201929. June 2019More
Clean Code Days MunichMunich, Germany03. July 201904. July 2019More
Java Forum StuttgartMunich, Germany04. July 201904. July 2019More
JConf ColombiaMedellin city, Colombia5. July 20196. July 2019More
JConf PeruLima, Peru Republic13. July 201913. July 2019More
JCrete 2019Crete, Greece14. July 201919. July 2019More
Java Cloud ConferenceJohannesburg, South Africa24 July 201926 July 2019More
TDC S2019 São PauloSão Paulo, Brazil24 July 201928 July 2019More
É Dia de JavaSão Carlos, Brazil30. August 201931. August 2019More
Java Day EcuadorQuito, Ecador31. August 201931. August 2019More
JavaZoneOslo, Norway10. September 201912. September 2019More
Oracle Code OneSan Francisco, USA15. September 201919. September 2019More
Voxxed Days BanffBanff, Canada20. September 201921. September 2019More
Java Dev Day MexicoGuadalajara, Mexico21. September 201921. September 2019More
Java Forum NordHannover, Germany24. September 201924. September 2019More
CodeMotion MadridMadrid, Spain24. September 201925. September 2019More
JCon DüsseldorfDüsseldorf, Germany24. September 201926. September 2019More
GeekOutTallinn, Estonia26. September 201927. September 2019More
Software Craftsmanship LondonLondon, United Kingdom03. October 201904. October 2019More
HeapCon BelgradeBelgrade, Serbia03. October 201904. October 2019More
Caribbean Developers ConferencePunta Cana, Dominican Republic04. October 201905. October 2019More
Voxxed Days TicinoTicino, Switzerland5. October 20195. October 2019More
JAX LondonLondon, United Kingdom07. October 201910. October 2019More
AusOUG PerthPerth, Australia   
AusOUG MelbourneMelbourne, Australia   
Devlin, Linköping, SwedenLinköping, Sweden17. October 201917. October 2019 
GeeCon PraguePrague, Czech Republic17. October 201918. October 2019  
QCon ShanghaiShanghai, China17. October 201919. October 2019More
EclipseCon EuropeLudwigsburg, Germany22. October 201924. October 2019More
CodeMotion MilanMilan, Italy24. October 201925. October 2019More
Joker Conf Saint PetersburgSaint Petersburg, Russia25. October 201926. October 2019More
TDC TrondheimTrondheim, Norway28. October 201928. October 2019More
Voxxed Days Cluj-NapocaCluj Napoca, Romania30. October 201931. October 2019More
JFall EdeEde, Netherlands30. October 201931. October 2019More
Devvoxx UkraineKyiv, Ukraine1. November 20192. November 2019More
Devvoxx BelgiumAntwerp, Belgium04. November 201908. November 2019More
W-JAX MunichMunich, Germany04. November 201908. November 2019More
Øredev Developer Conference SwedenMalmö, Sweden06. November 201908. November 2019More
Java Day GuatemalaGuatemala09. November 201909. November 2019 
QCon San FranciscoSan Francisco, USA11. November 201913. November 2019More
JavaDays PraguePrague, Czech Republic12. November 201913. November 2019 
CodeMotion BerlinBerlin, Germany12. November 201913. November 2019More
Devvoxx MorrocoMarrakesh, Morocco12. November 201914. November 2019More
Dev Talks Junior BucharesBucharest, Romania12. November 201914. November 2019 
Build Stuff LithuaniaVilnius, Lithuania13. November 201915. November 2019More
GOTO CopenhagenCopenhagen, Denmark18. November 201922. November 2019More
Topconf TallinnTallinn, Estonia   
commit-conf MadridMadrid, Spain23. November 201924. November 2019More
jvm-conCologne, Germany25. November 201927. November 2019More
Java2DaysSofia, Bulgaria27. November 201929. November 2019More
TDC 2019 Porto AlegrePorto Alegre, Brazil27. November 201930. November 2019More
ArchConf 2019 ClearWater, FloridaFlorida, USA09. December 201912. December 2019More
JJUG Cross Community ConferenceTokyo, Japan   
DawsConMontreal, Canada10. January 202010. January 2020More

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